Chocolate Temptations

Chocolates are superb as gifts. Anyone can gift anyone else a gift of chocolate. It bonds brothers and sisters, friends, lovers, parents & children, strangers, and anyone else who would happily receive your gift of chocolate.

When it is handmade, the privilege becomes umpteen times more. We are the creators of this exotic delight, mixing love in abundant proportions with cocoa, sugar, almonds, chips, and other ingredients. We put in cocoa butter, ground cocoa beans, and cocoa liquor to create the bitter sweet absorption of taste that chocolate is so famous for. As the bakers to handmade chocolates in Delhi, we have the privilege of initiating everlasting bonds of love between people. We offer special chocolate boxes. We are handmade chocolate wholesaler, also providing to corporate events. we are here with our wide range of wedding chocolates and wedding cakes. If your hobby is cooking, baking or chocolate making, you can enrol into one of our courses. We offer some of the best Hobby Courses in Delhi to large numbers of interested candidates who consider cooking as passion.

Our Products

Designer Cakes

People are nowadays celebrating their occasions in their own special days to make it memorable with friends and family members. It is a fact that almost every other person loves to eat cakes and pastries whenever such occasions take place. We are specialized in making all types of cakes for every type of customers but the consumers should choose their cakes on the basis of their needs and requirement.


Getting tempted towards chocolate is one such sin that everyone would like to do. And if it comes from Handmade chocolate wholesalers in Delhi like us; then, obviously, the quality standards are really high. Our experts happen to carry out a huge research over ingredients to be included in making chocolates and finalize them with much strictness. It is because we just cannot compromise on taste as our chocolates have a brand value in the market.

Birthday Cakes

The delicious finishing and amazing designs of our birthday cakes not only treat your taste buds, but it will also give you a joyful experience of cutting a birthday cake. As our organisation is specially established for delivering cakes and chocolates for your different needs, so with us, you will get the best and fresh products for various occasions. To bring an exquisite touch to our products we mostly prefer to use healthy fruits and nuts in different types of cakes and chocolates for gifting purpose.

Corporate Chocolates

The distinctive gift of corporate chocolates in Delhi – always appropriate, always appreciated. “Chocolate Temptation” would be the perfect chocolate gifts for corporates choice for your wishful promotion. Or if you are Manager that’s the assortment you are looking for events and holiday gift presentation. We put all the efforts required for your satisfaction by ensuring your gift arrives on time reflecting your appreciation and good taste.

Wedding Chocolates

Finding the right gift for wedding is always a critical task for anyone. If you are novice about buying gifts for your friend’s or a relative’s wedding, then you often become confused to pick the appropriate thing to feel them special. Considering this confused situation of the gifting, we also offer special types of wedding chocolate boxes in Delhi. In our collection, we are ready to offer you any kind of chocolate for your gift purpose. Starting from milk chocolate to dark chocolate, even the Rum-n-Raisin collection is there to fulfill your need.

Gluten Free

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word “Diet” is some ailment, fat and an effort to lose weight. It is typically a condition where foods free of gluten contents are used. So our constant effort is to use the main ingredients gluten free so that the taste of the food is just the same as one that contains gluten and the flavor of the health is at its best. We would make you enjoy your gluten free diets and you will soon start wishing you had this before. Our foods are made with care and we focus on the diet part as much as we say.

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